Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lukewarmness... Continued!

Craig Groeschel's Follow-Up Blog post on Lukewarmness looks like this:

Question: What do you do when you realize you are lukewarm?

Answer: You do something drastic!

If some small change would have made the difference in your spiritual life, you would have made the change a long time ago.

You might:
  • Start a seven day fast and devote extra time to seeking God.
  • Take a sabbatical and pray like you haven’t in years.
  • Confess to your spouse, your elders, or to trusted friends and ask for help.
  • Seek spiritual counseling from another pastor or counselor.
  • Take the week off and go to a hotel alone with no cell phone, no computer, and no books but the Bible.
  • Read a Children’s Bible and pretend like you’re hearing the gospel story for the very first time.
  • Repent to your family for your lack of spiritual passion and leadership.
  • Tell your church honestly that you are struggling and invite them to pray for you.
  • You might turn off your computer now and go somewhere and cry and repent deeply.
Whatever you do, it should be drastic and you should do it before another voice talks you out of it.

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