Saturday, January 03, 2009

Become a Doer of the Word
We’re all part of a story, and if the words of the Bible are supposed to have so much meaning, then there’s got to be something more than simply memorizing some verses or increasing our knowledge of what it is about. It is my goal to experience God's transforming truth by walking in the light of His truth. I don’t want my knowledge of the Bible--the words of God Himself—to just be interesting information. I want the Bible to affect my life. I desire to be a doer of the word.

I want the Bible to provide guidance when I need direction.

I want the Bible to provide comfort when I feel alone.

I want the Bible to provide hope when I feel hopeless.

I even want the Bible to convict me when I’m not walking in the Light.

If you want the Bible to affect your life, join me in reading God's Word daily at:
Essential Model for Youth Ministry

Based on Thom and Sam Rainer's book, Essential Church, there are four essential phases for churches and youth ministries to become essential and effective in the lives of individuals and the community... Essential to move from death to life... Essential to reclaim a generation of church and youth group dropouts. These phases can serve as a spring-board for an evaluation of our youth ministries and churches alike by asking some very simple questions.

How are we doing with...?

Simplify—the ministry develops a clear structure and process for making disciples.

Deepen—the ministry provides strong biblical teaching and preaching.

Expect—the ministry has an attitude that communicates to its members that they must be committed to the ministry.

Multiply—the ministry has an outward focus, driving to reach people for Christ and starting
new churches.

What can we do to align the ministry to reflect these basic essentials?

What can we expect by aligning with the essentials?