Monday, April 08, 2013

Belief: Facts or Experience

Is your faith based on statements, fact, ideals or experience; rules or a relationship? Do you know about Jesus or do you really know Him personally?

If all you know of Jesus is what other people tell you or preach at you, then you simply know some facts; you just believe in a set of rules, ideas, or statements; you do not know the real Jesus... There is no personal relationship, and therefore, there has been no real life change.

We need to understand Christianity is based on beliefs, trust, confidence in the person of Jesus Christ... who He is, and what He did to turn this world's ideologies upside down.

Belief is less about confidence in a set of facts, statements, rules, ideas, principles, and preferences, and more about a personal experience and relationship with the person of Jesus.

What do you base your belief on? Who do you say Jesus is?

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