Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"The Root of the Vine"
Expand and enrich your Christian faith by reading "The Root of the Vine".

Dana Simons was raised in the Jewish faith and shares practical "how-to" information to help you reconnect to the rich heritage of your Christian faith. She also serves with our student ministry at Agape Christian Church.

You will love the book and Dana's passionate heart as she unfolds how Jesus was a Torah observant Jew and how many of us today do not know the rich traditions of our faith found in the Jewish holidays, Jewish worship and Jewish prayer.

Learn how to pray, worship and celebrate as Jesus did!
For more details or to purchase click "The Root of the Vine."

Monday, November 02, 2009

Wacky Pic of the Evening!!!
The possibilities of creativity and wackyness are endless when you turn a few students loose with a cell phone cam. Last evening the students had a great time snapping pics of one another during an IMPACT activity where they played Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt.

It was a great time with many laughs... esp. when we viewed a few in Powerpoint. The first group to e-mail all the assigned pics back to me received CD's.

Fun... thanks Youth Specialties and Tim Schmoyer for the idea!