Friday, June 20, 2008

A Few New Teen Stats and Trends
ypulse had a great summary the other day of some new research about teen preferences in a bunch of areas. i’ll break it into 5 posts. second up: Internet

- Teens spend 12.5 hours online while tweens spend only 6.4 hours (typical week during school year)

- Teens have grown tired of MySpace and have moved on to Facebook in the past six months

- Only a couple of virtual worlds are on tweens’ radars

- The top sites tweens visit — Webkinz among both tween boys and tween girls. Neopets, owned by Viacom’s interactive unit as well as

- Club Penguin remains in third place for tween girls and dropped from 11th place to 13th place for tween boys since last summer

- AddictingGames is fast becoming the top casual gaming site among all youth, not just the kids and teens

Thanks Marco for the update!

I Just Pity the Fool!

At $200, Burger King Does World's Most Expensive Burger


The pricey burger is for charity, and it's only available in one Burger King in West London once a week. Here's what it's made up of:

The fine ingredients of what is called simply 'The Burger' include Wagyu beef, white truffles, Pata Negra ham slices, Cristal onion straws, Modena balsamic vinegar, lambs lettuce, pink Himalayan rock salt, organic white wine and shallot infused mayonnaise in an Iranian saffron and white truffle dusted bun.

Another megaexpensiveburger. Meh.

Posted by Adam Kuban, June 19, 2008 at 1:00 PM

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

What would your cardboard have on it? Are you trusting in and on Jesus Christ to transform your life into the image of our Lord? How has your life been transformed by the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ? What's your story? Are you prepared to share it?

Suicidal...Living Passionate for Jesus!
Hopeless...Have Hope!
Clone High School Musical

Who would have thought that even the warriors of Star Wars would catch the "High School Musical" Fever. I guess they just..."Gotta, Gotta, Gotta Get in the Game." Obiwan is such a skeptic sometimes!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Day at the Office
Just a few of my books that were ruined with mold from the flooding of Agape.

My Office after the destruction crew finished. Almost as bad as Doug Fields' office after the weekend.

My home away from home. I think I am suffering from white lung!

Guess what I get to do tomorrow?
Trying to see the glass as half full!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Early Christian Church

Archaeologists have found what they believe is the earliest discovery of a Christian Church, in a cave in Jordan, dating from 33 AD. Pretty amazing, Huh?

Archaeologist Abdel-Qader Hussein, head of the Rihab Center for Archaeological Studies, Abdul Qader al-Husan told The Jordan Times:’We have uncovered what we believe to be the first church in the world, dating from 33 AD to 70 AD.

‘We have evidence to believe this church sheltered the early Christians - the 70 disciples of Jesus Christ.’

Mr Hussein said there was evidence that the underground cave was used in the first century after Christ’s death, which would make it the oldest Christian site of worship in the world.

The cave was unearthed in the northern Jordanian city of Rihab after three months of excavation and shows evidence of early Christian rituals.

Agape Christian Church doesn't look much different after all the damage caused by the flood and sewage water.

Thanks Marko for the heads up!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Agape Impact Students @ CIY 2oo8

Can You believe that HS students were this awake at 7:30am?

Buck Buck... it isn't just for Fat Albert and the Gang anymore. Definitely a CIY attraction!