Thursday, March 26, 2009

IMPACT Student Ministry at the Dare 2 Share Conference in St. Louis

Pray for the conference this weekend and our students as we embark on the Gospel Journey to St. Louis, MO. We are expecting God to do some amazing things in and through our students. In the words of Greg Steir...

We have over 8,000 teenagers already registered and could see close to 9,000 teens in total with those who sign up at the door. That’s a potential army of Jesus loving, gospel sharing evangelists who come from all over the midwest and could be used to strike a revival of Biblical proportions all across America. God is up to something big. We are more than willing to drive 14 hours to see what it is.

May lives be transformed and passions ignited for the Kingdom of God as students are trained and sent out to testify in the name of Jesus Christ. May they obtain a boldness that encourages each of the to share the Gospel of Christ with everyone they come in contact with. May our student ministry and our schools be transformed by the efforts of D2S, your prayers, and the power of Christ.