Monday, November 09, 2009

ACC Student Ministry Open Source Discussion

Following are a list of 5 Open Source discussion questions that will be posed to our IMPACT Students on Sunday evening.

Open Source is a collaborative tool to help foster creative group discussions for a common purpose of benefiting a program or movement. The Open Source format is also designed to help discover creative solutions to real issues/problems... In our case, to stimulate student leadership involvement in the planning and programming process of our student ministry.

A "Discussion Starter" will pose the question and take specific notes of the conversation at each individual discussion circle. Participants are not limited to the specific question posed at that circle, but are encouraged to allow creativity to freely flow.

Participants will rotate in and out of each group discussion at will until they have participated in all five circles of discussions. At the completion of the individual discussion circles, the Discussion Starter will share notes with the entire group where specific plans, strategies, and targets will be established.

Open Source Discussion Circles:

Circle 1. What is a youth group and what does it look like? (Think Big; Dream Big!!!) Is it important to you and your spiritual walk? Why or why not?

Circle 2. What are we not doing that we should start doing to resemble your view of youth group? What are we doing that has gotten stale that we should stop doing?

Circle 3. With the gifts and talents God has given to you, where should you be serving in youth group? What new ministry could or should you start? What will it take for you to begin? What resources are needed?

Circle 4. If you could choose the next message series for IMPACT, what would it be? Why?

Circle 5. What specifically needs to happen for us to see new friends at youth group each week?