Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Evil in the World

As the media covers the devastation at the Boston Marathon, I get the sense that they, as most people, are appalled, angry, and even fearful.

Everyone seems to be taken totally by surprise. But, should we be surprised?

We live in a world where sin is not only visible but becoming more prevalent. Evil exists and abounds throughout our world. We are taken back every time we see such tragedies because what we are longing for in others is righteousness in their behavior... We desire justice to to be achieved by systems, courts, and government.

However, righteousness... Rightness... And a universal restoration to the way God intended and Created is only achieved when the human heart and soul is aligned with God's heart. It's through a right heart... A heart in tune with a Sovereign, Triune God that true righteousness and justice is achieved.

It's through the heart of one seeking after God and His righteousness that changes the world. The world is only made right when it seeks God!

Are you seeking after the heart of God today? Change the world around you by living with a heart after Him in His Strength!

Pic by fox4kc.com