Friday, September 11, 2009

The 2010 Online Missions Trip

January 31 to February 13, 2010

Begin planning now for the Online Missions Trip. This 2-week campaign is designed to empower us, students and leaders alike, to use social media to share Christ with our friends who don’t yet know Him.

During these two weeks you will be engaging in spiritual conversations with unsaved friends about your faith in Christ online by making posts and talking with friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, World of Warcraft and other such social hangouts online. You are encouraged to upload videos, post photos, create links, update your status to share what God’s doing in your life, writing notes, sending messages, develop blogs, create intentional events to invite friends to, and anything else that will result in a conversation about your relationship with Christ.

Last year, 3,000 youth leaders and teenagers from every continent except Antarctica intentionally used social media online to share Christ with unsaved friends. Plan to join this evangelistic effort today by marking your calendars, developing a creative plan, and joining the Online Missions Trip on Facebook for encouragement and ideas. Also, checkout On-line Missions Trip at