Saturday, February 28, 2009

Remember... Night Two of the NYMC 2009

Night 2 kicked off with many Fun Games and an American Idol Sing-Off to the sounds of Journey hosted by Secreast wanna-be Josh Griffin. John is the big American Idol winner!

The Skit Guys Rocked the house like usual with their gut-busting antics.

Kay Warren challenged Youth Workers from abroad with the question, "Do you pray for a surrendered, disturbed, and ruined life in your walk with Chirst?" The kingdom of "You" and "Me" says NO to Him and His Kingdom. She asked, "What will it take for you to really surrender?" It is time to say NO to me and Yes to Him in a bold and daring way!

Do we really trust God enough to answer with reckless abandon? Is there anything in our lives that we are willing to die for to follow the call of Jesus? Kay went on with the most challenging point of all by stating that, "If you are not willing to die for your faith, then don't call yourself a disciple. To be ruined is to follow Jesus at all cost!" We have the opportunity to make an invisible God visible! Will we continue to sit on the sidelines in our comfortable churches? Wow!!! What powerful challenges and thoughts to unpack!

"It's not fair" music video by Jakester premiered! Great Video! Can't wait to share it with others!

Caedmans Call rocked the house with serious percussion and
melodic harmony. Awesome sound!

The 100th SYM Live Podcast. Great gig and digs! Watch it live on

Friday, February 27, 2009

Remember... Night One of the NYMC

We are the "Grateful Ones"--Tim Timmons leading worship!
As usual Tim's passion for the Lord helped usher us into the presence of God through song!

"I wish these next two guys were a product of my Youth Ministry"--Doug Fields

Alex and Brett Harris, teenage authors of the book "Do Hard Things" and of the Web-site Rebelution were the Keynotes for the evening. They made the points that "students can understand big things about God and that students understand they can do big things for God." They also remarked that "willing students are doing great things for the cause of Christ. Challenge them to Do Hard Things."

Who can we as Youth Pastors encourage in our groups to create a Rebelution?

Braddigan Concert gave voice to the voiceless in their unique style and poetic message.

Friday Night Announcements

Early Registration at the NYMC

Registration at the #nymc started early. Lines are forming and people are connecting or maybe just looking for someone to buy the coffee. Sac Chairs are a hit already. People are scrambling for their spot and favorite color. Take one home if you need some amazing furniture for your youth room.

Come visit me at the Internet Cafe if you get a chance. Right across from the Dare 2 Share booth. Go meet Jason, Brian, Phil, and John at D2S.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 National Youth Ministry Conference
Columbus, OH

Connecting with some of the most innovative YP's in Kingdom work at the most practical conference in Youth Ministry! It has already been amazing to hear how God is working in the lives of students throughout the United States. I am praising Him tonight for the relationships built here today and the wonderful transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Continue to follow this blog as I will be keeping you informed with ideas, discussions, and quotes from speakers, affinity group leaders, and participants. You can also follow me on Twitter for up to the minute tweets. Don't forget you can also get real time results at #NYMC.