Monday, April 22, 2013

Salvation: More than Hope for a Distant Future

When was the last time you thought about your salvation experience?  When was the last time had a conversation about your personal salvation? Did the conversation center around what you were saved from... Did it center around eternity, deliverance, Heaven, or Hell?

Did you discuss what you were saved to?  Did you discuss what your were saved for?  What have you been saved for?

Often times our discussions only revolve around a distant future and eternal consequences.  What if salvation is more than our present discussions?  What if salvation is more than sins forgiven in the future?  What if it means forgiveness today?

Salvation isn't just about being saved from an eternity we don't want.  Salvation is being saved for something that matters right now.  It's not just hope for a distant future but hope for today... Salvation from sin, yes...but salvation from the struggles we are experiencing today... in the present life!

We all need saved from the future consequences of an unrepentant, sinful life separated from God; but we need saved from loneliness, depression, hopelessness, fear, disobedience, pride, attitudes, gossip, and ourselves today.  

We need saved "from our future" eternity... and "for our future" eternity today... Right now!  

Salvation is more than deliverance for tomorrow, it's healing for today; a salve for today; a healing ointment that restores to wholeness.  Salvation is derived from the word salve... To heal a brokenness!

Have you experienced this kind of salvation by placing your faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone?  Do you need saved today?  Do you need to experience the healing salve that God offers through His Son Jesus and His shed blood?  

Surrender to His saving grace today... for today... for something better, and for the future!