Monday, May 13, 2013

Intentional Prayer

Are you intentionally spending time with the Father in prayer? Do you have a special place and a special time to meet with the Sovereign, Transcendent God of the Universe... The One true God?

Prayer is multi-faceted. It offers so much to the health of our life and our soul when we exercise it intentionally, genuinely, passionately, and frequently.

Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker, says, "If you establish a prayer routine, your life will be anything but routine... When we pray to God regularly, irregular things happen on a regular basis."

He says, "When we give more of ourselves to God, God will give more of Himself to us."

God invented prayer for you and me to cultivate a connection and an intimate relationship with Him... to reward us with a personal relationship like no other. He invented prayer so we can worship Him... The Creator of the Universe; and, so He can bless us with the things we need in the relationship.

Intentional prayer paves the way for intimacy and a relationship that we can only strive for with others on earth.

However, prayer can sometimes become selfish, one-sided conversations, where we make a list of request to receive the things we want and the healing we need; or the healing we desire for others. Often we decide prayer is just one big flip of a coin.

It is this thinking and this action that leads to a disconnect. We can talk to God the rest of our lives and never feel connected to Him, if everything is based upon our wants, our will, and a quick request thrown up in the random passing of our day!

How is your prayer life? Is it based on your requests, or a relationship? Are you genuinely connected with the Father on a daily basis?

Do you intentionally spend time adoring Him, confessing sin and short comings, thanking Him for your daily breath, bread, provision, and presence before asking for a long list of your personal wants, desires, or preferences?

Connect with Him today and everyday!