Saturday, May 24, 2008

Strategic Thinking

Why do we do what we do... the way we do it?

Is the church healthy and balanced? (5 Areas of Ministry)
Is the church focused on ministry over maintenance?
Is the church focused on growth over individual control?
Is the church really about spiritual health?

What is Jesus asking the church to do?

What is the church doing now? What does the church do in the future to achieve or remain fresh in the future? Are lives being transformed? Is the church's uniqueness attractive? How is the church assimilating visitors? How does the present or future church strategy effect the calendar?

Is the church properly staffed for growth? Does the church have the right people in the right places? What are future needs staffing wise for the church to grow?

Is the church financially stable? What funding is needed for future growth?

Prompted by an interview by Kerry Mackey

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