Friday, March 07, 2008

Web Design-aster

What a day! What started out as a day of building a NEW web-site for the church ended up as a technical visit to Web-site Design Training. We are unable to uplaod our new Agape site due to a security blockade with the present domain register. We have to wait until April 15th to begin the upload; however, I think you all will be in for a treat. So, Get ready!!!

Thanks to David Reed and his brilliance with web design, we were able to make some interesting changes to the site. Yes, you are reading one. We were able to use the old Impact web-site for a my personal blog. You can get to this blog by the sidebar tab on the web-site or by visiting I hope you enjoy the youth site and the blog.

Feel free to e-mail me with any fresh ideas or cool articles or forwards please. Look forward to hearing from you on the changes. Be patient Agape Family on the expected site.

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