Friday, March 07, 2008

National Youth Ministry Conference
Had some great conversations with Doug Fields throughout the conference. I have been invited to serve with a Veteren's Youth Ministry Affinity Team and a new friend Vince Beresford. Together, we will partner with Group to help new YP's adapt and grow their ministry and write article to foster community among Veteran's YP's.
Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry Writer and YM Guru Doug Fields

Kutless belting out "You are My Strong Tower

The gut-busting Skit Guys performed on Saturday and Sunday

Did I say learning track? Yes! I had a wonderful time hanging out with Mark DeVries (author of Family Based Youth Ministry), and listening to his outrageous stories that he experiences when working with the Youth ministry Architects team. He and Jeff Dunn-Rankin really know how to evaluate a healthy youth ministry, and have vast amounts of experience to help those who are traveling the road to destruction. Mark makes me laugh excessively, esp. when hanging out talking about blogging and facebook.

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like...the SYM "Live" Podcast. Saturday night was filled with laughter as the Podcast team shared the mantra that we all know is true..."Just enough Youth Ministry that you don't feel guilty for listening." Afterward, Josh and I went out for a midnight bowl of chilli with the Podcast team. And, to tell you the truth, it really was too late for chilli!

Tim Timmons led worship throughout the NYMC. Tim's humility is evident in every song he writes and sing.

Tony Dungy spoke at the NYMC on Friday evening. He challenged YP's to persevere and to keep perspective on what matters most...God, Family, and Consistent work ethic.

Josh Moore and Me

After a night of treking through snow and ice and Jake's accident, Josh Moore and I got an opportunity to eat and talk ministry in a smoke-filled Kentucky Wafflehouse with the Saddleback Sr. High Youth Ministry Team.

Jake and Josh

Josh Moore and I hangin' with the Saddleback YM Team

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