Friday, April 05, 2013


Do you compartmentalize your faith, or live dual lives as a Christian?

Jesus is not asking to be an addition to your life... part of your life; He's asking to be your life!

Scripture says,"You can not serve two masters!" (Luke 16:13)...that means more than just in the financial/materialistic context in which it is used.

Many Christians have spent their lives saying with their mouths that "I do believe Jesus is the Son of God. I do believe that He suffered, died, and rose from the dead to save my life for eternity;" but often their lives don't reflect a difference... Their lives aren't any different!

How about you? Does your life reflect the belief and faith you claim? Do others recognize and desire to follow Christ because of the joy you express, the hope you possess, and by the sanctified life you exhibit.

Do you put more energy and commitment into living the life He has called you to... by serving Him and others... than you do your schedule, job, sports, selfish desires or ambitions?

What are you willing to lay down or surrender, in order to totally live the life He has called you... To make Him the center of your life... To eliminate the compartmentalism... To make Him your life?

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