Friday, February 27, 2009

Remember... Night One of the NYMC

We are the "Grateful Ones"--Tim Timmons leading worship!
As usual Tim's passion for the Lord helped usher us into the presence of God through song!

"I wish these next two guys were a product of my Youth Ministry"--Doug Fields

Alex and Brett Harris, teenage authors of the book "Do Hard Things" and of the Web-site Rebelution were the Keynotes for the evening. They made the points that "students can understand big things about God and that students understand they can do big things for God." They also remarked that "willing students are doing great things for the cause of Christ. Challenge them to Do Hard Things."

Who can we as Youth Pastors encourage in our groups to create a Rebelution?

Braddigan Concert gave voice to the voiceless in their unique style and poetic message.

Friday Night Announcements

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