Sunday, March 01, 2009

Remember... Night Three of the NYMC 2009
A Solid Night of Worship and Content

The Skit Guys just changed the course of history with the re-enactment of the fall of Adam and Eve. Wild and Crazy Guys!

Doug delivered a simple, but challenging message surrounding the question of "What do you want kids to remember about your ministry when they are older?" Oh... how often we for get. We are much like a gold fish which have a 3 second span of memory. Reminds me of Jr.High ministry. Are you passing on the fundamentals of the faith? He used the change in our pockets to help us "Remember..."

Penny: Remember... Your PAST can be forgiven in Christ.
Nickel: Remember... God's Spirit in us NOW in Christ.
Dime: Remember... God has reserved an eternal DETERMINED DESTINY for those who believe and trust in Jesus.
Quarter: Remember... QUALITY GROWTH continues in those who follow Jesus.

What would our ministry look like if we would only remember the foundations of our faith? Remember to Remember what you want kids to Remember!

Doug Fields made kids play Red Rover, Red Rover in the dark and a student got a concussion was the results!

Derek Webb singing and playing amazing harmonics on his guitar to "Nobody Loves Me." Download his newest CD for FREE Now!

Back to the Hotel Hotel!

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Andy Lawrenson said...

Thanks for putting the outlines up! Glad you had a good time. Perhaps I can attend next year.