Sunday, February 01, 2009

Kurt Warner's Bold Witness

Kurt Warner's bold witness for his faith comes as no surprise to those who have watched the NFL quarterback play for more than a decade. That's what two Super Bowls -– one as MVP in a win -– and a book or two detailing your faith will do.

The Arizona Cardinals signal-caller regrets not being able to share what is most important to him with more people, particularly when members of the media censor or minimize his faith in exploring his personality and his career.

That's why he tries to do TV interviews with a Bible at his side and to mention God in live interviews since it can't be edited out.

But he knows the name of Jesus can make non-Christians uncomfortable with the peace that He gives in the violent and up-and-down world of professional football.

Warner says, “Everything I do, everywhere I go, I’m trying to live up to or represent Jesus,” Warner said. “Having the faith I have is first and foremost in my life.”
TAMPA, Fla. (BP)--Photo by Joni B. Hannigan

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