Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Type of Bail Out

Call this my soapbox or rant, but I am ticked. Negotiations are going on right now about awarding students with B's if they just attend class. What? Talking about dumbing things down! What would aspire a student to learn anything if they receive the acceptable "B" for just attending class?

As a nation, we seem to reward people for doing nothing. Entitlement!!! "It's my right to be successful no matter what I do or how I do it! I deserve the best for nothing!" No body fails... people, companies, etc. "Let's bail them must be the system!"

This is totally contrary to what I am trying to teach my son. I continue to tell him that he needs to make strong commitments to hard work, and that the world owes him nothing. By God's grace he will be blessed. Intrinsic motivation and a desire to please God should drive his passion to succeed... not the one foot tall trophy that everyone receives for just showing up to practice. No wonder we are living in an apathetic generation where the minimum is accepted.

The world keeps telling him that he should be rewarded and successful for just being. No wonder a true commitment to Christ seems almost obsolete. "I will follow Christ as long as I don't have to work at it or if it doesn't require much or cost me anything. I will serve Christ when it is convenient for me." We live in the generation where we will serve a "Cause," not because it is what Christ expects us to do, or because we are suppose to be the hands and feet of Christ; but, because "it make us feel good." We will get instant gratification, acceptance, and even rewards." The motives are all wrong!

Check out what 60 Minutes has to say about how the job market is affected by the current generational trends.

Many have rejected the 60 Minute Team on this report, however, I can tell you that I see this everyday. And with current trends, I only see our nation and churches becoming powerless because the minimum is accepted and commitment is not expected. Innovation will only decrease in time and there will be fewer workers to pull off the ideas that "the thinkers" imagine. We need to be on our knees crying out to God for this sin of apathy and our enabling.

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Scot said...

Maybe the church has historically been leading the way by saying "sit your butt in the pew and that's all you need to do." Wow. That's my new campaign slogan!