Friday, August 15, 2008

Michael Phelps: Is he listening to "We are the Champions?"
Chris Chase recently wrote about the iPod headphones dangling from Phelps' ears. He said, "The earbuds are a ubiquitous presence in the ready room and on the starting block; they're just as much a part of Phelps' 'uniform' as goggles and a swim cap. About two minutes prior to the start of a race, Phelps sheds the iPod along with his warm-ups. So, what is he listening to?"

Good question! It has been said that he listens to hip-hop, but I am thinking some Queen from the 70's... "We are the Champions," because he is the champion. With 7 Gold Metals at Bejing and an opportunity for one more, he can claim it as his theme song!

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