Wednesday, April 30, 2008


One of the greatest problems associated with church growth is that we as leaders often fail to move forward or challenge direction based on our fears and the fears of other leaders behaving as bureaucrats, not creative thinkers. so, the question we face is, "How open to change are we and our leadership team in today's ever changing church culture?"

The first step to any change involves a personal and team examination.  We can begin this examination by evaluating our response and reaction to any and all of the following questions.

Do we avoid change, not seeing or acknowledging the need for it?
Do we often resist change and defend the status quo?
Do we cooperate, going along with change, even if reluctantly?
Are we out in front as someone who anticipates and sees the need for change even before others do?
Are we leaders in creating change, taking action to bring it about?

Following the results of our actions, we and our leadership team must uncover the reasons for our resistance or the losses we fear, and determine how much those losses may prove advantageous or destructive to our mission and us.  Many times our churches fail in the mission because of personal and leadership fears.  Let us understand that God has placed us in leadership to stand up, be creative thinkers, take risks, try new things, and not to be obstructionists satisfied with complacency.

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