Friday, March 14, 2008

Hard Things or Harder Things?
There is so much truth to the comments made by Alex and Brett Harris in "Do Hard Things". The points they make are so applicable to the way society aproaches nearly everything..."I will only participate if it's easy!" How often do we fail to pick up God's Word because of the excuse, "It's too hard to understand!" Yet, we will spend hours studying "How to build a Web-site" for a class or practice hours making the perfect hit in our favorite sport... which really has no eternal significance what-so-ever. "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" (Matt. 16:26)

True character is built by enduring hard work. What kind of character do we desire of ourselves? We will do almost anything, dispite the level of difficulty for almost anything, except when it comes to serving and following God. Why is that?

If we approached our jobs, sports, and even families the way we approach the work of our Savior, we would be fired, kicked off, kicked out, or divorced. Will we be continually late for work like we are for church? Why do we skip church and not practice? Does our coaches have the authority to grant life eternal? Would our friends or mates continue to remain so if we gave them the time we give God?

Sure, following Christ can be hard work...and can demand time, but is the sacrifice desired more than what He already performed? Let's remember that He is worth it.
Following article by Alex & Brett Harris

"What happens when we avoid hard things? The answer is that hard things come to us. It’s like the guy who won’t go in to the gas station to put some air in slightly deflated tire, only to have it blow out on him on the freeway when he’s late for an important meeting. Maybe it’s even happened before, and he’s already used his spare. Tough luck.

The truth is that we can’t really avoid doing hard things. We can only decide when to do hard things and how well-prepared we’ll be to handle them. You either do the hard thing of getting prepared, or you deal with the harder thing of being unprepared. We either “do it” now, or we end up having to “deal with it” later.This about a lot more than flat tires or missed meetings. Resisting temptation is hard, but not as hard as dealing with an addiction. Finding and keeping a job is hard, but not as hard as dealing with unemployment and struggling to make ends meet.

When we fail to do hard things, we not only disobey God, we set ourselves up to fall short of our true, God-given potential. Even worse, we act as if God is not worthy of our effort - or as if He is unable to accomplish through us what He has called us to do."

The remainder of this article can be viewed in Alex and Brett's New Book, "Do Hard Things."

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