Sunday, March 30, 2008

Great Points from Ministry Mutiny by Greg Stier

God works more in the whisper than He does in the big, the loud, the fiery, and the blustery.

How do I hear from God?
Get alone with God.
Read His Word.

Too many times our devo time is a mechanical time of forced reading and a prayer list. We need to…
Take much time to read His Word.
Think through what the Spirit of God is teaching us.
Spend time in silence, reflecting on how it applies to our lives at that very moment.
Discern the whisper of God during times of reflection.

When we listen for God’s whisper, we learn how to deal with teenagers more effectively because we are being sensitive to God’s Spirit. We impact more lives because God is making a maximum impact precisely through you because we are listening for His direction. The quiet revolution comes about when we spend time in quiet reflection and then act on what God is teaching us.
1Kings 18:17-40

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wish-a-wish said...

How true. Mechanical devo time; thats exactly how i've been spending my time reading the Word and praying, fixing the least possible time of reading a passage even without giving time for the Lord to speak to me, and then praying in the same words daily like a rhyme. Then expecting God to teach me without ever giving myself to listen to what HE has to say to me.